Under the MCF rules we will be able to run with 5 - 8 year old racers on 50 - 80cc 2 Stroke and up to 90cc 4 Stroke MiniQuads. We will not be allowing any tuned quads to race as we are hoping to create future racers we do not want to put them off or intimidate them. Therefore we will put in a few rules and guidelines, as said before No tuned engines - No Malossi or Polini engines and No Hybrids (such as motorbike engines fitted in a quadbike) basically we want totally standard quadbikes in the Racers learning years. Suzuki LT50's, LT80,s, Suzuki LTA50 & LT90, Eton Vipers 50 & 90cc, Polaris 50 & 90cc,etc are just a few of the recommended manufacturers. The Racers will get a Trophy for the top 3 positions and a medal for all finishers to prove their achievments to friends.

Great news again for 2017, the MiniQuad Class Trophies to 3rd place and Medals for finishers will be supplied by www.bournefun.co.uk. Dragon Quad Racing are really pleased with the Support & Sponsorship. Again we hope this encourages other sponsors to come forward.

If in doubt PLEASE contact Ashley Holt 07921 866929

E-mail: dragonquadracing@aol.co.uk

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Updated 12/04/2018

Heh Everyone For you Young Guns again for 2018 we have already received sponsorship from www.bournefun.co.uk a BIG THANKYOU to a Big Man for that, puts back more than what he takes out, THANKYOU again.

Just a major point we need to tell you, we want you to know it was Clyde Thompson of Bourne Fun our Miniquad Class Sponsor for the last couple of years, that had the really big 'Off' at the famous QRA Great 8 Weekend, fortunately Clyde is on the mend after alot of how can we say 'Medical Repairs' he should be sorted and taking a well deserved rest,It was really nice to see Clyde at our first round, really glad to see him still on the mend and taking life a bit easier for now !!

Hi Everyone, SO, we hope you have had a nice break since last September, I know we have but it has been a manic time, preparing everything for your first round this year. I hope you all enjoyed it, I see your mums and dads were getting back into the swing of things again, we really appreciated all their help whist you were racing.

We really want you to enjoy your time with Dragon Quad Racing so if you have any suggestions or questions about your racing please do not hesitate to ask and we will do the best we can to answer where we can.

Thankyou for joining our Club we really look forward to Racing the rest of the season with you, many thanks DQR Team



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