Race Classes

Please find below the current Dragon Quad Racing Categories:  
PLEASE NOTE: With the Adult Classes now allowing 15 year old Riders, Riders of 15 years+ will only be permitted to compete in some of the Adult Classes by prior Club consent and discretion to ensure the riders suitability and their abilities. We do not wish to offend anybody but we have to ensure the safety of everyone. Please be aware of the NORA  rule which states that from 15 to 17 years of age, you are only allowed to ride a Quad with a maximum of 450cc capacity. Anyone wishing to move up from the 250 classes and riders from other clubs who are intending racing with us and you are only 15+ then PLEASE contact Ashley Holt on 07921 866929. As DQR is running the NORA  British Championship we must follow STRICT NORA guidelines.

ClassAgeNumber Board ColoursClass Breakdown
EXPERT+16 YrsGREEN Background WHITE NumbersMust have ridden in Clubman class for at least 12 months with Dragon Quad Racing 
CLUBMAN+15 YrsYELLOW Background BLACK Numbers16 Years and under,  permission must be obtained from Course Clerk. 
SPORTSMAN+15 YrsBLUE Background WHITE NumbersAny person over 15 years that has not raced before or is new to racing, or Youth Riders moving up to Adults. 
4 x 4 Expert

Clubman 4x4

+17 Yrs

+ 17 yrs
WHITE Background BLACK Numbers

WHITE Backgrounds
BLACK Numbers
Over 17+ unless riding a 4 x 4 of no more than 450 c.c's. Riders can enter this class if they so wish on a machine of 750cc and below.

Over 17 + unless riding a 4x4 of no more than 450 cc  
Ideal for new 4x4 riders entering the sport on a larger cc ATV

4 x 4 Lights Up to & Including 750cc+17 YrsWHITE Background BLACK NumbersOver 17+ unless riding a 4 x 4 of no more than 450 c.c's. *RULE EXCEPTION:  A 450cc 4 X 4 May Be Raced By 15 Years + BUT ONLY In The 4 X 4 Lights Class


250cc YOUTH OPEN (HYBRID) CLASS. 12Yrs - 16Yrs .This class will be open to Riders that want to ride a quad of Adult 450cc size BUT with a 250cc Engine in a Youth Class. You will be able to use Air or Water Cooled Engines as long as they are fitted in a SAFE & Professional Manner. All Rules for Hybrid Riders will be the same as any other class with the exception to additional rules as laid out below, so please adhere to them, Number Board Colours displaying the correct Race Number and Background are compulsory for all classes.  

For further information on this Class please call Ashley Holt

ClassAgeNumber Board ColoursClass Breakdown
250 HYBRID CLASS12 - 16 YearsRED Background WHITE NumbersPLEASE LOOK BACK FOR DQR HYBRID CLASS RULES . This class will include 150cc Hybrid Quads but only IF 12Yrs - 16 Yrs.
250 YOUTH CLASS11-16
YELLOW Background BLACK NumbersAir Cooled Production Quads. Performance Modifications are allowed to the engine.Maximum 200cc 2 Stroke or 250cc 4 Stroke.Frame and Engine must be by the original manufacturer.
125 RAPTOR8 - 13 YearsBLUE Background WHITE NumbersYAMAHA RAPTOR 125. Mods Allowed but Frame and Engine must be Original Yamaha Raptor 125.
100 cc Auto8 - 13 Years
BLUE Background WHITE NumbersAuto Quad. 100 cc Production Quads built by the Manufacturers. Must not exceed 100cc.
Mini Quad5- 9 YearsGREEN Background WHITE Numbers50 cc - 80 cc  2  Stroke or up to 90 cc 4 stroke . NO MODIFIED QUADS, i.e NO Malossi, Polini engines etc. The MiniQuads will be Racing on a seperately marked out circuit, under full Adult supervision and it will be a 30 minute race. It will now be the Middle race on a Sunday. 

In ALL Youth Classes *Birthdates*  as of 1st Jan prior to the Season Starting. 

Number Boards MUST be fitted in accordance with the rules (All on Rule Page) of any Racing Club. It is to our benefit that we have a physical way of knowing who you are in case of accidents or incidents on the track. It is also to your benefit that being should there be a problem with our transponder timing then the Track Time Keepers can still register you on the system for your points. For Further Info Please Contact Ashley Holt: 07921 866929